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No, it's not skinning bucks........ Brought to you by Buckskinner Publishing

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What's new this time?

The Buckskinner's Info Page has gone under, but Buckskinner Publishing is alive and well.
Thanks for your support during the Bip's short life! I should have a little more time to devote to the MA Bip, again.


For the Visitor

OK, if it's not skinning bucks, what is is it?
Buckskinning is the reliving of the times between 1700 and 1840. We recreate the common gatherings, food, games and everyday life of times gone by. There are several divisions in the geographical areas and in the authenticity of the groups ranging from "If you can't see it, it's okay", to museum quality replicas only.
The best way to find out what it is all about is to just go and see for yourself, observe, ask questions and enjoy.
Take the family; ours will be there. Pick an event close by, call the contact for visitor days and to get any special information.
But I warn you; Buckskinning is more than a hobby - it's a lifestyle.
After you get the bug to join in, check the Beginner's Corner and the Personna Page for some pointers and hard learned lessons.

Over the years I have discussed the term Buckskinning with various people around the campfire. For the past few years I have been mentioning it across this new electronic medium as well. I've not been convinced that my definition is wrong, yet. Many have decided that my reasoning is solid enough to adopt for themselves, however.
Check it out and see if it sounds reasonable to you:

"Buckskinning is the reliving of the times between 1700 and 1840. We recreate the common gatherings, food, games and everyday life of times gone by. There are several divisions in the geographical areas and in the authenticity of the groups ranging from "If you can't see it, it's okay", to museum quality replicas only."
I'll readily concede and move the starting year up to 1640, as is generally accepted, but I believe that Pilgrims and Spanish Explorers are in a class by themselves.

What does the guy installing cuphooks in his kitchen cabinet and the guy that built the cabinets have in common?
They are both practicing the art of carpentry. Not at the same level, not with the same tools, not with the same skill. But it is the same trade. Ask a carpenter what he is and you will get answers like framer, finish carpenter, cabinetmaker, or timberman. Yet, they are all carpenters.
Buckskinning is the same. There are many divisions within the hobby.

The common journey through the hobby is from Flatlander to Pilgrim to Buckskinner. From there you become a Historical Archeologist, a Reenactor, a Living Historian or some other advanced and specialized Buckskinner. On this trek, much like any other apprenticeship, I think each person reaches several progressively higher levels of authenticity. Some stop the climb for an extended visit on their personal plateau, but we are all somewhere on the same trail, with the same landmarks.

Several people have mentioned that they have had a feeling of a growing disenchantment with the laxness at the general Rendezvous, also.
I believe that it is just an expected movement over the trail. It isn't the Rendezvous that has changed, but rather it is the ability to perceive the level by the observer.
That is the indication that it is time to move a little farther up the trail. Just remember to reach back and give a hand to the guy behind you that is struggling on the steep parts.

What to see on the MA Bip?
Check out these pages:


The Public Pin-Up Board. Have a question, request or just want to post a little information?
Check out what others have posted.

Rendezvous, Shoots, Events
The title says it all. Postings divided into the 4 States with a section for the NMLRA and another for Other Places.

Links to Interesting Places
It's not everybody, but it will get you started. Classified and listed in major groups

The MA Bip Library
A little to learn, a little to laugh, a little to think about; A collection of Articles for your enjoyment.

Beginner's Corner
So you want to start, but don't know what to do?

Personna Page
Some hard learned lessons and examples

The MA Bip Magazine Reviews
You have hundreds of choices, but can afford only one. What to do?

The MA Bip Political Page
The Sad Side of Buckskinning.

The MA Bip Picture Gallery
Ever wonder what some of these people look like? Now you have the chance to find out.
Caution: large page - takes a while to load

My 2 cents worth
Opinions and musings of JP Finn. I did it, so it must be my fault.
Check out a new passel of jaw flapping about every other week.

The public pin-up board


Safety Recall

CVA is recalling all of their inlines manufactured in 1995 and 1996.
The recall is voluntary. They will replace the barrel at no charge.
If you have one of these rifles, don't shoot it until the barrel is replaced !
The CVA Recall page seems to have disappeared, but if you have one, get it swapped out!


For Sale

Replica 1756 British fusil made by "Curly" Gostomski about a year or so before he died. The gun came with a bayonet, cartridge belt and tomahawk. It was a limited edition of about 24-26 and mine is #24. It has a certificate of authenticity as well as the blueprints of the gun.
comtact: Rodney Anderson
e-Mail: Igoqqss@tampabay.rr.com


It only took Phil a little more than a year to start charging for printing out the Beginner's Corner.
He has taken the shareware route. You can read it on line, but if you want to print or download the series, you gotta pay.
It seems ony fair. He has spent many hours writing the articles. He could have printed them and sold the series at the 'Voos, Shoots and Musters. Instead, he offered them to be put on the MA Bip so they would be freely available to anyone that wanted to get an idea of what to expect starting out in our hobby.
Cough up that cash and send it in to the starving (at least hungry?) Jose's.


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My 2 cents worth
Opinions and musings of JP Finn. I did it, so it must be my fault.


JP A little background on me (very little):
I bought my first BP gun in the fall of '69. (.62 cal smoothbore caplock -"made in Spain" brand) Nevada jackrabbits learned to hide that winter.
Played in the hills of North Idaho / Montana off and on for a couple decades, decided I wanted a little more summer than was offered, and moved down to Florida. Fell into the North Florida/South Georgia reenacting circuit as a ner-do-well/deer hide trader in the 1790 time frame. (I was the guy out on the edge of the camp that nobody knew) Soon as I got comfortable at that, I packed up and moved to Missouri. Now, I'm trying to move up to the 1810-1830 era. Old habits are hard to break.


"I have no respect for a man that can only spell a word one way."
Journal of a Mountain Man; James Clyman (edited by Linda M. Hasselstrom)
ISBN: 0-87842-181-5


Time has caught up with me - I don't have any left over. The pages will be updated as the info comes in, but the 2 Cents Worth has been discontinued for the time being.
Check back every now and again to see if I have slowed down...

I haven't slowed down, but just have to stop for a moment to brag a little.

The October 2002 issue of MuzzleBlasts, the magazine for the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association, has listed the MA Bip as one of the top 20 web sites for the year in the WebBlasts column.
Over the year they review web sites that are of interest to the NMLRA membership. At the end of the year, they list their pick for the top 20 that they have reviewed.



Submissions cheerfully accepted!
I am happy to post "Guest" 2 Cents Worth and Library articles. The pay is all the fan mail you can gather.
Humor, Tips and Tricks, How-To, and I was There! type articles that pertain to the 'skinning lifestyle are in great demand.
There is a need for reports on Club doing's in the 4 State area. Think of it as a recruiting tool. Just send your newsletter and I can post it.

Articles should be under 2500 words, sent as an ASCII text file or plain text, either HTML ready or I can code it for you.
Pictures should be in JPEG format, under 80K in size and have permission by the people in the image to be published. (I don't check, but that's the rule.)
Like to, but don't think you can write? Hey, that doesn't stop me!


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If you want to discuss it, do so. Hey, jp!

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