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Article Submission Guidelines
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General Information

The Bip is a monthly publication for buckskinners who wants to get more out of the hobby. That means every word we publish must inform, instruct or inspire the reader.

Our readers want specific ideas and facts that will help them advance through research, personna development and methods used to portray the everyday life of their historical characters.

Our style is informal and personal.


Freelance submissions are accepted for features, serials and Departments. For features and serials we prefer queries over unsolicited manuscripts.

Queries should include a synopsis that introduces your article proposal and highlights each of the points you intend to make. The outline should include the approximate length of each section and a description of photographs or sidebars that are to be included.

Finally, we expect writers to double-check all facts included in their articles and to submit documentation to support the information in their final submission.

All submissions should include your name, address, daytime telephone number and e-mail address on the cover page and your name and title of the article at the top of each following pages. All articles submitted in electronic form, either by e-mail or on 3-1/2" floppy disk, will need to be in text-only format or compatible with Microsoft Word 6.0.

Print submissions should be printed in dark ink on white paper, double spaced, and in a standard font.

Electronic pictures and sketches should be in jpeg format. Printed picture submissions should be no longer than 8" x 10" with your name, address, article title and caption on the back. Black and white pictures and sketches are preferred. Slides are not accepted.

All mailed submissions must include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. We are not responsible for, and will not respond to, queries and manuscripts not accompanied by SASE, unless a valid e-mail address is included or previous arrangements have been made.

Send submissions or queries to:
Submissions Editor
Buckskinner's Info Page
PO Box 812
Harrisonville, MO 64701
or e-mail B.I.P@worldnet.att.net



The Bip offers 3 copies of the issue in which your article appears. Other forms of payment are individually negotiated.



The Bip reserves the first North American Serial Rights and electronic publishing rights.

Features and Serials

The Bip runs one or two feature articles per issue. These articles are of a diverse nature, ranging from summarized research to personal experiences in the buckskinning world.

Queries are requested for features and serials.

Article submissions should be in the 1000 to 2000 word range. Occasionally a longer feature will be accepted as a multipart article. Each part should fit within the stated length limits, including a summary of the previous material in all following parts.

Serials may be fiction or nonfiction, on a buckskinning theme. They must be no more than 6 parts, 4 is preferred. Length limitations are approximately 1500 words per issue, including a synopsis of the previous story line in all following parts.


Regular Departments

Burnt Offerings

Burnt Offerings are short 200-300 word articles concerning food storage or preparation in camp.

Submissions should include a list of materials and step-by-step instructions described clearly and concisely. Recipes should include the recommended serving size and amount being prepared.

Past 'Voos

Past 'Voos are short 100-200 word illustrated reviews of recent events. They are "what you missed" pieces developed to publicize regular events or to remind the public of special occurrences.

Submissions should include a title, dates and name of the event, number of participants and visitors, any special occurrences or appearances and 4 to 6 typical pictures taken during the event. Contact information for the sponsoring group and/or location should be included.


Projects! are short 200-500 word illustrated directions to construct or modify a common item into a useful piece of camp gear.

Submissions should include a title and short introductory paragraph stating the purpose or your inspiration for the idea. Documentation of historical use, materials and methods of construction, as applicable, should be included.

Materials, tools and step-by-step construction instructions should be described clearly and concisely List the instructions in the order in which they are carried out. Brand names may be included as necessary, but take care to ensure that the product name appears exactly as shown on the product's packaging.
Include sketches of any nonstandard or complex details. A photograph of the completed project is required.

The Helping Hand

The Helping Hand is 500-1000 word articles covering methods or information to make your time in camp more comfortable, or to explain the historical significance of items or actions commonly encountered in camp. Submissions should be directed at proper usage of equipment or accoutrements, labor saving methods or techniques to make camp living a pleasurable experience.
This department is directed towards beginner and intermediately skilled buckskinners.

Camp Lore

Camp Lore is 500-1000 word articles that explain the intangible parts of camp life. Articles should be directed at beginner and intermediately skilled buckskinners with the assumption that most terms will need to be explained. Submissions should be articles that explain camp activities or acceptable behaviors of the buckskinner.

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