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Mid America Buckskinners Info Page
Links to Interesting Places

Missouri Iowa Nebraska Kansas
No, it's not skinning bucks............ Developed and maintained by JP Finn

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Black Powder Organizations on the Web
Black Powder Gun Manufacturers on the Web
Web Traders
'Skinner Technology, History and How-To
Buckskinner Home Pages
Single Action Shooting Society
U.S. Civil War Sites
Net e-Zines
Picture and Art Sellers on the Web
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Black Powder Organizations on the Web
Ya gotta join something

National MuzzleLoading Rifle Association

The National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association exists to promote, support, nurture, and preserve NMLRA's and our nation's rich historical heritage in the sport of muzzleloading through recreational, educational, historical, and cultural venues such as match competition, hunting, gun making and safety, historical re-enactments, exhibits, museums, libraries, and other related programs.

The American Mountain Men

The American Mountain Men is an association of individuals dedicated to the preservation of the traditions and ways of our nation's greatest, most daring explorers and pioneers, the Mountain Men; to the actual conservation of our nation's remaining natural wilderness and wildlife; and to the ability of our members to survive alone, under any circumstances, using only what nature has to offer. Although we are now world-wide, we are not a large group. We are not interested in the quantity of members; we are interested in the quality of members. Our members are best and proud of it.

American Longrifle Association

To some, history is simply a bunch of boring dates and places stuffed into a set of dusty volumes to read and soon forgotten. To the members of the American Longrifle Association, history is something to be relived. The American Longrifle Association (A.L.R.A.) is an organization designed for those people who want to do more than only read about the early years of our country's history. It is an organization that encourages its members to experience the lives of common colonial people.

The Contemporary LongRifle Association

An association of collaborative collectors, makers, and students dedicated to the making of contemporary longrifles, accoutrements and related items made within the twentieth century.

The Coalition of Historical Trekers

The Coalition of Historical Trekkers (CoHT), are dedicated to the preservation and study of the pre-1840 frontier people in America by means of literary research and experimental archaeology. We are historical trekkers, which is to say we are experimental archaeologists, involved in one or more eras of the historical time frame from 1600 to the year 1840.

Kansas Chapter Nebraska Chapter
Iowa Chapter Missouri not up yet


United Nebraska Muzzleloading Rifle Association
Promoting the sport of muzzleloading, buckskinning, history of the fur trade, and the safe use of blackpowder in the State of Nebraska


United States International Muzzle Loading Team

The organizational meeting of the United States International Muzzle Loading Committee (USIMLC), whose responsibility it is to field a team of the best possible muzzle loading shooters for the MLAIC competition, was held prior to the 1976 matches, at which time it was decided that delegates from the National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association ( NMLRA ), North-South Skirmish Association, Civil War Skirmish Association, and the Brigade of the American Revolution would comprise the Committee membership. This then, was the beginning of what is now known as the USIMLC.

The Single Action Shooting Society

The Single Action Shooting Society ® is an international organization created to preserve and promote the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting™. SASS® endorses regional matches conducted by affiliated clubs, stages END of the TRAIL®, THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP OF COWBOY ACTION SHOOTING™, promulgates rules and procedures to ensure safety and consistency in Cowboy Action Shooting™ matches, and seeks to protect its members' 2nd Amendment rights.
SASS® members share a common interest in preserving the history of the Old West and competitive shooting.

The North – South Skirmish Association

The North-South Skirmish Association (N-SSA) was formed in 1950 to commemorate the heroism of the men, of both sides, who fought in the American Civil War, 1861-1865. The N-SSA promotes the shooting of Civil War firearms and artillery and encourages the preservation and display of Civil War materials. The N-SSA works to accomplish these goals by conducting skirmishes; competitive, live firing of these Civil War firearms and artillery.

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Black Powder Gun Manufacturers on the Web
Drool, Drool

Thompson Center Arms Co Home Page
Pedersoli Home Page
Uberti Reproductions
Navy Arms
J P Gunstocks
Narragansett Armes, Ltd.
Tennessee Valley Manufacturing
Jim Chambers Flintlocks
Cannon LTD
(For those that like to measure bores
in inches and pounds)
Caywood Gunmakers
Lyman Products

Hornady Muzzleloading Products Graigo Rifle Works
JP Gunstocks
Black Hart Long Arms
Pacific Rifle Company
Thunder Ridge Muzzleloading

Loyalist Arms And Repairs
We are a company who import, sell, and manufacture muskets, rifles,swords, armor and accessories for the 12th-19th century. We can also reproduce hard to find items in metal, wood, and leather from samples and detailed patterns. Items such as buttons, buckles, belts, shoes, etc. can be made.
We hope to be of assistance to you and/or your group.


North Star West
Historically correct reproductions of 18th and 19th century smoothbore muzzleloading guns


Eric Kettenburg, Gunsmith

A full-time gunsmith specializing in historically accurate rifles, pistols and fowlers of the 17th and 18th centuries. Strict attention is paid to authenticity in all details.


The Gun Works Muzzle Loading Emporium, Inc.

A full service blackpowder shop with a 200 page mail-order catalog. Located in Springfield, Oregon, the company has been serving the muzzleloading fraternity since 1981. We take orders on custom guns and offer many production fifles and handguns. We distribute Oregon Barrel Company's rifle, smoothbore, pistol, and custom barrels.
Vist our Web site or send an E-mail to us at
Our policies are saftey, honesty, and good service!


Rapine Bullet Mould Mfg. Co.


Jeff Tanner's Moulds
Ball and Bullet Moulds for Muzzle Loading Arms


South Bend Replicas
Antique Artillery Reproductions; Muzzle Loading Cannon Replicas


TOAD HALL RIFLESHOP & Yeller Tom Cat Forge
My rifleshop is located amid the rolling and fertile fields of Iowa. The muzzle loading rifles at Toad Hall are crafted in a traditionalist vein. All rifles are built by hand continuing the heritage of early American gunsmiths and in my family's traditions. Rifle furniture can be hammered out in the shop or store bought as you may desire.
Free nightly classes are offered to the general public on how to construct traditional American flintlock and percussion firearms. There is also a formal apprenticeship program with two apprentices currently learning the arts and mysteries of the craft.


Jantz Supply>/a>
Your "source" for knifemaking supplies, gunsmithing tools, polishing and finishing supplies, engraving tools, abrasives and bluing equipment.


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'Skinner Technology, History and How-To
Learn a little

Mountain Men and the Fur Trade
An on-line Research Center devoted to the history, traditions, tools, and mode of living, of the trappers, explorers, and traders known as the Mountain Men.

White Oak Society
A non-profit organization providing "living history" interpretations of the fur trade era within the Great Lakes region. They operate The White Oak Learning Centre & White Oak Fur Post near Deer River, Minnesota.

Black Powder Resources
An address for book publishers, gun dealers and manufacturers, just about anything you can think of relating to Black Powder. This should be in everyones Bookmarks/Favorites

The History Net
An e-zine that eats up way more time than I should. Covers world and US history, from the beginning to the present

Archiving Early America
Our main focus is primary source material from 18th Century America-- all displayed digitally. A unique array of original newspapers, maps and writings come to life on your screen just as they appeared to our forebears more than 200 years ago.

Historical Maps
Gobs of US maps, ranging from the 1500's through the mid 1900's

The OldTimers Page
The Way We Used To Do it...
How-to do lots of things, from making soap to Building a Cistern >br>

Basket Making
This site has been established for Internet exchange of tips, questions, and general knowledge about splint, reed and willow basketmaking.

Ft Atkinson, Nebraska (History)
Everything you would like to know about the Fort, by the NEBRASKAland Magazine

Fort Osage
Located on the bank of the Missouri River, Ft Osage is being rebuilt to the original plans as a Federal Trade Station.

Bugs at Renenactments
There are BUGS at reenactments!?! Why didn't somebody tell me?
Yep, there are bugs. Here you can discover what to do about it

Native Tech
Across this vast Turtle Island, different Peoples developed and expressed their own complex technology. Often, the degree of craft specialization is influenced by the different environments people live in, or by trade and information networks -- these technologies are the product of thousands of years of expertise, oral traditions and continuity.

Historic Culinary Links
These pages are geared toward helping those interested in the hands-on exploration of history to find source material. You'll find informative links on culinary history, brewing, online medieval manuscripts, historical re-enactment, and much more.

American Life Histories
These life histories were written by the staff of the Folklore Project of the Federal Writers' Project for the U.S. Works Progress (later Work Projects) Administration (WPA) from 1936-1940. The Library of Congress collection includes 2,900 documents representing the work of over 300 writers from 24 states. Typically 2,000-15,000 words in length, the documents consist of drafts and revisions, varying in form from narrative to dialogue to report to case history. The histories describe the informant's family education, income, occupation, political views, religion and mores, medical needs, diet and miscellaneous observations. Pseudonyms are often substituted for individuals and places named in the narrative texts.

The Interactive Encyclopedia of the South
Your reference headquarters for Southern history, culture and folklore. And if you like creepy ghost yarns it's also the place to be.

Natural Dying ; Carol Todds Page
See the Dye Plant of the Month Page. It has a list of plants and how various people have used them complete with results. There is also a Related Sites and Resources page for natural dyers.

The Hudson Bay Company
Digital Collection - Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature

Lodge Manufacturing Co
Lodge is the leading maker of cast iron cookware. Here you will find a history, how-to-use and recipes for the cookware.

Early Canadiana Online
Early Canadiana Online (ECO) is a full text online collection of more than 3,000 books and pamphlets documenting Canadian history from the first European contact to the late 19th century. The collection is particularly strong in literature, women's history, native studies, travel and exploration, and the history of French Canada.

The American Colonist's Library
A Treasury of Primary Documents

Traditional Cree Food
Check out this site for some native (Cree) cooking
Irish History on the Web
Irish History on the Web is NOT another "links" page, but instead provides a unique resource for anyone interested in learning about or researching a wide variety of Irish history topics. Like a sourcebook, most of the links found here will lead to primary documents, original essays, bibliographies or specific informational sites, all of which are visited prior to inclusion on this site.

Bob's Black Powder Notebook

The Musemum of the Fur Trade
Dedicated to preserving the rich history of the North American fur trade, the museum is located three miles east of Chadron, Nebraska, on U.S. Highway 20.

The Discovery Corps
In the summer of 1804 the Corps of Northwest Discovery, commanded by Meriweather Lewis & William Clark, passed through the region of the middle Missouri river. Today, Discovery Corps Inc., re-creates those men and their quipment in films, parades, and encampments.

Blackfoot Nation
Oki Ni-kso-ko-wa: (Hello, greetings my relative):
We are members of the ancient line of Blackfoot people going back before time. We are the traditional believers in our ancient ways that were given to us by iits-tsi-pah-ta-pii-op - the Source of Life.We are not members of any other organization or political party. We do not espouse any "ism" and have pledged our lives to live by our old ways and beliefs. We are, however, alive in the modern age and we use the technology of the present era to educate relatives, our friends and ourselves worldwide. Welcome to our web site. We invite you to come back often. We have many interesting educational, and, spiritual gifts to offer you and your family. Please explore our web site.

Trade Axe and Tomahawk Collectors Association
This site is devoted to the exchange of information about, and images of early trade axes and tomahawks, and to share the joy of collecting these fascinating objects of bygone years. As these tools and weapons were made and used by many diverse peoples during the period from 1600-1900

The Muzzleloader Mailing List Page
Like to shoot? Then you better check out this page


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Web Traders
These companies carry a wide range of goods. You can order a catalog from their web site. Tell them you saw it on the MA Bip. They won't know what you are talking about, but aren't we a little better off going through life just a little confused?
Want your Company listed here? Send an e-mail to MA Bip Links. Act confused when they mention the MA Bip. (See above)

Buckskinner's Info Page
The best monthly newsletter magazine type thing on the market. Article submissions welcomed, subscriptions applauded, advertizing appreciated!
Suitable for the greenest flatlander to the most jaded Trekker

Dixie Gun Works

Cabin Creek Gun Shop.

Jas. Townsend & Son, Inc.

Moutain States Muzzleloading Suppliers Inc.


Northwest Traders

The Log Cabin Shop.

Panther Primitives

Re-enactor's Mall.

Thunder Ridge Muzzleloading

Musselshell Traders of Montana

Cannon LTD


Oakhill Enterprises

October Country

Buckskin Fur and Leather Co.

Great Northern Trade Company

Walking Swan's Primitive Reproductions

Past Impressions

Fur Trade Era Clothing

The Flying Cloud Trading Company

Making Time

Catalano (Boots)

Hudson Bay Company

The Trading Page

Kustom Castings


MidSouth Shooters Supply

Fox Valley Tanning

Hamilton Dry Goods

Hatman's and Warpath's Trading Post

Muddy Creek Traders

Old Dominion Forge

Clark and Sons Merchantile Co

Twin Rivers Trading Company

J.R.'s Muzzleloading Accessories

Hatman and Warpaths Trading Post

MacGregor Historic Games

Backwoods Tin

South Bend Replicas

Olde World Clay Pipes

Two Horse Trading Company

Coureur de Bois Trading Post

Buckhorn Trading Post

The Blanket Brigade

Bobby Bridger's Page

Poppen Moccasins

Carl S's Muzzleloading Page

The Leatherman
We offer high quality traditionally styled products for reenactors and sportsman alike.

Laughing Cat Records
Laughing Cat Records specializes in CD and Cassette releases of New Age, Native American, Folk, Reggae and Experimental music.

Downwind Trading Company
We are an on-line Buckskinners Mail Order company, providing rendezvous supplies, dry goods, books, and clothing. There is a printed catalog available. The printed catalog is $2.00 to cover printing and mailing costs. We rendezvous full time.

Richard Baldwin, Regimental Tailor
Custom tailor, specializing in French and Indian War and the American Revolutionary War military uniforms.

Double Edge Forge
Double Edge Forge is permanently stuck in the mid eighteenth century, so all work is done by me, by hand, in the proper fashion. No modern methods are utilized. Knives and accouterments are constructed of period materials and methods.

Dragon's Breath Forge
The Dragon's Breath Forge is dedicated to the production of one of a kind ironwork and weaponry. Located in the woods of Edgecomb, Maine, the items I forge range from chandeliers and candelabras to crossbows and pattern-welded Viking swords. I hope you enjoy my site.

Two Wolves Trading Company

Mountain Man Moccasins

Ken Scott's Hunting Pouches
Bill of Goods: Handmade,Authentic Hunting pouches, frontier accoutrements, journals and folk art.
I do not have a catalog, since all of my hunting pouches are museum quality and one of a kind.
I send out a copy of the Muzzle Blasts article about my work, a flyer talking about the quality and a letter talking about the pricing and the length of time to get your pouch completed.There is no charge for this.

K & M Creations
Beadwork and quillwork on braintanned buckskin
Located on the East side of the BitterRoot mountains, a little south of Glacier Park, at the Flathead Reservation, K & M Creations are busy making Blackfoot and Kootenai styled goods in the old way. Check them out

Native American Crafts from the Flathead Reservation
Why not get the real thing made the original way by the real people?

Buffalo Creek Trading Post located in Little Rock, Arkansas
My store serves the needs of buckskinners and Native Americans. I handle the complete range of possibles bags by October Country and powder horns by Cureton, and in addition, I am a dealer for Panther Primitives.
I also carry quite a complete line of craft supplies for mountainman and Native American regalia, including elk and deerhides, beads, knives, tomahawks and camping equipment.
I have furs from almost every animal you can think of that is legal, and what I don't have on hand, I can have within two or three days because I work with a furrier here in Arkansas who carriers everything from A to Z when it comes to animal hides.

Scottish East Indies Co
I have been looking for maple surger cakes. Guess what this Company carries? They also have Teas, Spices, Sugars...

The Gun Works Muzzle Loading Emporium, Inc. is a full service blackpowder shop with a 200 page mail-order catalog. Located in Springfield, Oregon, the company has been serving the muzzleloading fraternity since 1981. We take orders on custom guns and offer many production fifles and handguns. We distribute Oregon Barrel Company's rifle, smoothbore, pistol, and custom barrels.
Vist our Web site or send an E-mail to us at
Our policies are saftey, honesty, and good service!

Mountain Possibles
by "Walks In The Night"
All new trader website
unique and reasonably priced items!

Out Post Trade Company
Custom Engraved Powder Horns, Black Powder Accoutrements, Period Clothing, and Beadwork
Located in Cadet, Missouri
Don & Janet Dickey, Proprietors

Northern Plains Quillwork
Lakota quillwork [1850-1890],recreated by the Ravenshead family, they are a family of both non-natives and Native Americans.

YaTaHai Beads and Buckskins
We have a service business. All our pieces are hand produced by us, most frequently by custom order, to our extremely picky standards. Among us there are people who can work in all types of leather, including rawhide. We can paint on it or bone, stone or do beadwork appliqué’s for it.
We produce in only the best leathers (deer, elk, and buffalo, etc.). We have improved on old designs to make them fit and wear better without losing the historical ambiance. Ours are the best around or we will improve them some more! Orthopedics, one of a pair, large or odd sizes, or special styling is not a problem!

Nomadics Tipi Makers
We have been making tipis in the Northwest for over 30 years. We hope the tipi tepee) information on this site will answer many questions you might have about our tipi (tepee) making.

Centaur Forge, Ltd
We have all the tools you need, plus lots more!
Equipment for the Horseshoer or Blacksmith.

The Discriminating General
Advertized as "The largest selection of French and British Army Replicas for 18th and 19th Century ~ especially the Napoleonic Wars.

They have goods for camp, home and trail; mostly new, some used, a few genuine antiques.

Mocs, bags and other leather goods

The Chemistry Store
Our purpose is to provide you with a source for common chemicals, in small packaging, without paying the price for reagent grade. All our products range from USP to Industrial Grade, as well as tradename raw materials.

Woven Tumplines by Ellis Delahoy
To start, let me say that the tumplines that I weave may not be considered the most beautiful creations on the planet, but they are made for hard work and travel first and looks second.

Swamp Fox Knives
Specializing in hand-forged blades and hand-crafted accoutrements representative of early America

The Cloth Sellers

Sand Hill Black Powder Shop
Muzzleloading Guns & Accoutrements
Historical Reproductions & Trade Goods
Westminster Vermont

The Wax House
The Wax House offers one of the most complete selections of wax available.
Union Creek Muzzleloading
Rifles, finished or kits. Also sell shooting accessories as well as other muzzleloading items. Can obtain almost anything relating to blackpowder

Cousin Dave, Silversmith
My name is David Curtis Dittmer and I live in Clear Lake, Iowa. I make Trade Silver reproductions, custom pieces, Celtic brooches, chattelaines, etc. I have been making trade silver since 1995. I pride myself on my craftsmanship and authenticity of my patterns. I have an online website, go to trade fairs, rendezvous, historic site presentations, and have pieces in Fairfield Gallery and Museum of Art in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.
E-mail Cousin Dave


Don Strinz Tipi
Don has been making fine quality tents and tipis for over 35 years

Early Arkansaw Reenactors Association

Since 1978, the Lombard's have offered their rare maps and fine prints internationally -- first by catalogues and sales lists, and, for the past 11 years, through exhibiting at up to 29 major antiquarian book fairs and antiques shows coast-to-coast annually.

Montana Shepherds' Market
We are four families in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana who formed Montana Shepherd's Market, LLC in 2001. Our families have worked together for fourteen years to improve the quality of wool produced by our specially bred flocks of Targhee / Merino Sheep. Our specially bred sheep produce wool that is soft to the touch and is one of the finest fibers in the world.

spire artworks
Wearable and useable art, Kate's ab-originals feature one-of-a-kind interpretations in both women's accessories and native influenced crafts. Wall art, BUCKSKINNER STYLE gifts for men and women, and more can be found in the eclectic and uniquely diverse world of Spire artworks.

Into The Wilderness Trading Co
We offer elk & deerskin bags for the muzzleloader/buckskinner as well as deer,elk, and moose antlers for craftsmen,collectors, & taxidermists. We also supply elk & deer leather for craftsmen and mountainmen.

Triple "J" Trade Company
Hand-crafted products for the re-enactor, buckskinner, black powder, or flintlock enthusiast

The AABC Trading Co.
Baskets and Buckskinning Accouterments; We are active buckskinners living in a cold climate. I extend my buckskinning enjoyment by making things all winter long. I create things as much for my own enjoyment as for sale. If I can't have fun making the item, then there's hardly any point in doing it. If you disagree with my ideas of authenticity, that's just fine. I strive for authenticity, but I also live in a real world which means I make baskets of reed and machine stitch my clothing, and toss in some elastic when it doesn't show or change the design. I make other styles of baskets and clothing as well. Inquiries are welcome.

The Kalamazoo Living History Show
The largest, nationally recognized, juried show in the Midwest devoted to pre-1890 original or reproduction living history supplies, accouterments and related crafts.
More than 10,000 historical re-enactors from pre-Revolutionary through the Civil War, history buffs, collectors, and the general public from 18 states and Canada come together for a festive weekend to buy, sell and trade.
The event attracts over 270 of the finest craftsman and dealers of living history supplies and related crafts from throughout the United States.

Corum Knives and Quillwork
We offer hand-crafted primitive knives, and quality quillwork.

indian fingerweaving/sashes
Fingerwoven articles of wool at very reasonable prices by Irene Rodgers

Crazy Crow Trading Post
Crazy Crow Trading Post: Since 1970 - Complete line of Native American Indian and Mountain Man arts, crafts, craft supply & craft kits. Your Indian Powwow or Mountain Man Rendezvous, dance, camp & shooter craft supply source. 104 page full-color catalog - order online.


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Buckskinner Pages
Prime Buckskinner pages well worth checking out

Don't forget about the Buckskinner's Info Page
The best monthly newsletter magazine type thing on the market. Article submissions welcomed, subscriptions applauded, advertizing appreciated!
Suitable for the greenest flatlander to the most jaded Trekker

Pre 1840 Buckskinning
Craig and Linda's Living History and Pre-1840's Buckskinning page based in Alabama

Buckskins and Black Powder
From the hinderlands of North Idaho, by a member of the American Mountain Men

Longshot's Rendezvous HomePage
Dedicated to"Rendezvous"; The "Living History" or"Re-enactment" of the Fur Trade Era in our country during the 1700's and 1800's.
And in particular to the Buckskinners, Longhunters, Traders and Craftsmen of the Missouri & Illinois area. (along with a listing of events happening there)
based in the St Louis area

Choctaw's HomePage
Lots and lots of pictures!

Nobritches Lodge
A personal page from North Dakota

Biscuit Dave's Page
Doc Biscuit's Living History Calendar & Guide

Coon and Crocket MuzzleLoaders
North Dakota Club with gobbs of info

Black Powder
From the Wilds of Washington

Kentucky LongRifle
Jon Hagee's page on the famous rifle style and the Simon Kenton Frontier Festival

The Longhunter's Base Camp
Scott Allens Page

The Great Darkwolf
Page of the President and co-founder of Clan of the Medicine Wolf

Eddie Little Bear's Tipi
A good page by Eddie "Little Bear", including info on The Plainsman Black Powder Club of Northern Illinois

One Mocc's Buckskinners Page
A personal page out of West Virginia

Les Coureurs du Bois de Fort de Chartres
The "Official" Unofficial Web Page of Les Coureurs du Bois de Fort de Chartres-- "Living History in Illinois, French and Indian Style."
Located in Randolph County, Illinois

Rendezvous Down Under
The Official Homepage of:
.... The Australian Primitive Rendezvous Association ....

Wishbone's Fire Pit
Home of the Buckskinner Chat
This page is dedicated to the sharing of information on pre-1840 history, re-enacting and trekking.

Reenactors Net
This site aims to be THE clearinghouse for reenactors of all time periods. Being a grand undertaking, it is moving along slowly, but surely.

Buffalo Traders Publications

Where and when to shoot your Muzzleloader
"This is a page dedicated to the sport of traditional Muzzleloading. I created this page as a directory as a place for people to find a spot to shoot. Below you will be able to go into other pages where you can look for Monthly shoots, or just Large competions and Rendevous. There is also a place about tips and tricks to help you get closer to that center."

Historical Reenactment Organizations in the Twin Cities
That pretty much describes this site

Bill's World; A Gateway to the Past
Devoted to the art of Buckskinning and contains links to Buckskinning, Rendezvous, Muzzleloading Sites, Sources for Supplies, and Historical Sites.
Also, a HOW-TO section called "Buckskinner's Notebook" with instructions and tips on buckskinning and blackpowder shooting.

The Kansas Muzzleloader
Photo page and a list of links are the calling cards for this page

This is a slick site. Hal Marshall claims it is "one o' the best Muzzleloadin' sites on the net." But he is just a mite partial...
Your On-Line Resource to the World of Muzzleloading and related Black Powder activities

Southern Mountain Heritage
We have included a broad selection of interests, so that (hopefully) everyone who has an interest in the southern mountains will find something of interest to them.
There is everything from mountain music, and the crafts of our region, to the firearms and clothing of the old "Longhunters". As our picture broadens and fills out, we want to be able to provide information about all aspects of the lives and lifestyles of these great SOUTHERN MOUNTAINS.

Powderburners Homestead
Hi I want to welcome you here to my homestead. My given name is John Michael Parrott, but I am known as "Lone Eagle" on the trail. Life in the late 1800's was kinda laid back, but was also a very hard time. As I write this page I hope to show some of the good times and bad time of the original Mountain Men as well as the great times I have had since the year of the "Big Rains of 89" when I started to find my life as a Buckskinner. I have made many great friends and I'm always looking to meet new ones. So feel free to visit often, I enjoy getting E-mail.

Appalachian Wagon Train
The APPALACHIAN WAGON TRAIN trek is an annual family-oriented event focusing attention on a historical site or event that took place in the Appalachian region of Pennsylvania.
The Appalachian Wagon Train is actively looking for communities to visit to help them celebrate. The wagon train always moves on the third Sunday of June Father's Day) and travels for a full week Monday to Friday). On Saturday, we usually put on a parade for the community that we visit. We are flexible with everything except the date.

Granpaw's Camp Site
A little of this and a little of that and a great story about the origin of SPAM...

Smokey Ridge Muzzle Loaders
The Smokey Ridge Muzzleloaders are one of the oldest and best known black powder organizations in Iowa.
Located at Iowa Falls, Iowa

Rumpshots Lodge
Howdy. This page is for those who like to Rendezvous!

Eagle Rock Longrifles
A Black Powder Club at Idaho Falls, Id


Missouri Fur Company
A Black Powder Club at Joplin, Mo


FlatHead Valley MuzzleLoaders
A Black Powder Club located in Kalispell, Mt
(That chunk of Idaho I keep talking about is on the other side of their mountains)


No Name City
Now here is a unique idea....They got tired of the Club politics, so they did away with the source!


Kootenai Muzzleloaders
A muzzleloading Club located at Libby, Montana


The Frontiersman Camping Fellowship Home Page
Frontiersman Camping Fellowship home page for the 2nd International Cyber Pow Wow.


Eastern Platte Muzzleloaders
Located a little south of Omaha
The Eastern Platte Muzzleloaders have been around since 1975. Our goal is to keep alive the early American family, primitive mountain man, and indian style of living and camping as well as the style and clothing of the 1840-1860 era.
We're dedicated to the safe use and shooting of cap and ball , flint lock muzzle loading Rifles, Pistols and Shotguns.


Walks in Shadows Home Page
Walks in Shadows is a scout and longhunter from the south central region of Penn's Woods.


The Manitoba Living History Society
The Manitoba Living History Society is a community of men, women and children who share a common enthusiasm in interpreting our rich heritage through costumed animation.
Formally created in 1995, individual members of the society have been active historical re-enactors since 1979. Our members have a keen desire to reach out to like minded individuals so as to popularize our rich history.

Fort Atkinson State Historical Park
Over 1,000 men were garrisoned at the post.
Active from 1820 to 1827, the fort protected the burgeoning western fur trade and controlled access to the Upper Missouri Country and the Platte Valley overland route. As the only government authority in the vast territory west of the Missouri, the garrison at Fort Atkinson assumed the often impossible task of regulating the fur trade and enforcing peaceful relations between traders and the Indian tribes of the region.

Fort Osage Muzzleloaders
A black powder club in the Kansas City, MO area.
Shoots are held on the second Sunday of every month, except the months of May, June and October, when three-day shoots are held starting the Friday before the second Sunday.

Living History Reenactors, Inc.
The Living History Reenactors, Inc. from St. Louis, MO., is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the preservation of history and heritage by bringing it back to life through education and demonstration. Our mission is to have a lot of fun while preserving history.
Please join us in helping to preserve the following historical places in St. Louis: Fort Belle Fountaine and Daniel Bissell's House in North County and St. Ferdinand's Shrine in Florissant.
And don't forget to mark your calendars for the Fort Belle Fontaine Historical Encampment in September 2003!

TimberWolf Rendezvours

Tawaskote LongRifles
The club meets regularly on the third Sunday of each month, at the club grounds near Oakland, IL., 1/4 mi. South of route 133 off the first township road West of town.
The club is primarily a black powder firearms shooting club. In the interst of preserving pioneer values, arms, and craftsmanship, the club presents several public demonstrations each year and various members put on demonstrations for scouting groups and other organizations interested in pioneer arms and crafts.

Jim Hall's Winter Camping site with the AMM and The Woodsmen of the Little Muskegon.

Iowa Long Rifles
We are a group centered around Marengo, Iowa interested in the preservation of the fur trade era.

The Texas Buckskinner
Produced by Dutch of the Pineywoods Buckskinners about Buckskinning in East Texas


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The Single Action Shooting Society
Fast, fun and colorful. Didn't we all want to be a cowboy?

The Single Action Shooting Society

The Shootin' Iron

Fast Draw


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U.S. Civil War Sites
Probably the best known reenacting groups around

The Disagreement Between the States Page
Civil War Books
The Civil War Press
American Civil War Confederate States Navy
American Civil War Historical Reenactment Society
Civil War Surgeons
The Unofficial Visitors Guide to Gettysburg
Reenactors of the American Civil War
Commanders Call
Civil War Reenacting for Beginners

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Net e-Zines
Buckskinners mags on the net


Muzzleloader Magazine
Muzzle Blasts Online
The On-Line version of the Official NMLRA magazine
OutDoors OnLine
Camp Chase Gazette
American Shooting Magazine
Godey's Lady's Book OnLine
Living History Magazine
The Out Door Enthuiast
The Washboard Cronicle
On The Trail magazine
The (unofficial) CoHT magazine
Reenactor's forum
Davy Crockett Book on-line
The ShortHunter Page
We know about the LongHunters,
but what about the Afternoon Hunter?
Old Papers
That isn't the name, but it will work


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Picture and Art Sellers on the Web


Mountainman Art

Mountain Man Graphics
Western Art Prints of Bill O'Neill

John "Bear" Breidenbach print by Jim Stovall

East Mountain Gallery

Merlene Ransdell Gallery

Coyote Coopers Camp
Coyote Cooper does sketches.

Glen Barnes Art
American Art of the Eastern Frontier

Living History Portraits

Proud Tradition Art Works
Red Cedar Flutes and Drums made in the Native American Style. Pow Wow, Ceremonial, and Camp Drums. Always willing to barter.


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Links that don't seem to fit anywhere else
Here are a few links that don't seem to be picked up by the general population, yet. I enjoyed surfing them, you may also. The descriptions sure caught my interest:


Federal Wildlife Service
The National Trappers Association
Missouri Conservation Dept
Missouri Extension Library
Iowa Dept of Natural Resources
Nebraska Game and Parks Division
Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks


The Blanket Trader
Cyber Trade Blanket
The Trading Page
The Trade Blanket

Muzzleloader Message Board
Another Message Board
And Another One


Davis Firearms Museum
The Mayflower
Plimoth Plantation
Old Sturbridge Village
Fort Atkinson State Preserve
Shooting Groups Explained
Wilderness Home Page
Cyber Skinners / "#fur_traders Redezvous pictures


Boy Scouts of America
List of hundreds of Mailing Lists
(With subscription info)
Gary's HomeWorld
(fun links)
The Buyers Index
The Activist Page
Links to groups that are doing
something for or against you
Katy Trail Interactive

Mid West Open Air Museums Coordinating Council
The Study Web

Target Blaster


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