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Mid America Buckskinners Info Page

Beginners Corner

by Phil Jose

Missouri Iowa Nebraska Kansas

No, it's not skinning bucks............ Developed and maintained by JP Finn

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Section 1...............Getting Started

Section 2...............Keepin' Goin'

Table of Contents
Section 1...............Getting Started

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Meet Phil
Who is This Guy and Why Should I Take Him Seriously?

What am I getting into?

Your First Buckskinning Secret Revealed
Of all the secrets, this is the most important one

Where am I? Who am I?
The way to become someone is to become someone

Rugged Individualists, Unite!
Clubs, Organisations and Groups to the Rescue

How Do I Find These Darn Things?
All ready and nowhere to go

Yea, Verily, Now we be Stylin'!
Dump those funny clothes and get into some regular ones!

On Cap Poppers and Flintskinners!
What about guns?

Gun Handling and Safety
First, get a friend that would whack you with a stout stick....

It Ain't Junk -- I'm Gunna Eat Off It!
Gather the Goods, Ma, We're a-goin'!

Hey! It Isn't as Wet in Here!
There's no place like Home

On Wannabes and Gonnabes
All right! A field trip!

Manners (You Gotta Problem With That?)
Mr. Manners said to hoist that pinkie!

Huh? Whadja Say?

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Table of Contents
Section 2...............Keepin' Goin'


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The Education of Le Lezard
The Journal I'm Glad I Don't Have to Look At

Hey Maw! Let's Pack 'Em All!
What can I expect at this doin?

The Nice Man in the Red Sash
Who are all those people?

The Art of the Infamous Alias
Honest, Officer! Steps-Where-Dog-Has-Been can verify my story!

Camp Stories
I think Phil got carried away. I have never enlarged any of my stories...

Time—An Overrated Notion
Is it time to eat, yet?

Oh Yuck - A Turon!
Why should I be nice to this guy wearing underwear in public?

Where You've Been, Where You're Going
Now it's Your Turn!



Who is This Guy and Why Should I Take Him Seriously?

Phil I thought it might be appropriate to introduce myself, just so you know the background of the guy that's going to give you his two-cents' worth:

My name is Phil Jose and I've been coming to rendezvous for four of my forty years as a participant. I caught the rendezvous bug from going to events as a "flatlander" (tourist) that my brother's family were attending as participants. It took me a good number of years paying lip-service to the notion of getting started to actually making that start.

My "personna" (type of person out of history that I portray) is a "coureur du bois," a French Canadian who plied the woods and rivers trading with the Indians. The time period I represent is mid-18th Century. I'm a member of Les Coureurs du Bois de Fort de Chartres, the black powder gun club out of Ft. de Chartres, Prairie du Rocher, Il., as well as the Making Time Historic Reenactment Society.

Incidentally, that "Coureur du Bois" stuff I just mentioned is about the fanciest title you're going to get from me. Please don't mistake me for an expert making decrees from On High. Not too long ago I started down the same path you're looking at. What I intend to do is pass on things I've learned-- too often the hard way-- that hopefully can save you time, effort, and --ah, yes!-- money.

Rendezvous is one hobby/way of life where you're not going to go too far without some help from others who have been doing it longer. But one day it will be your turn to pass on something that you've learned. That's also when you'll know the satisfaction that I'm getting writing these articles.


First, A Word to Those of You Who Are Even Now Downloading or Printing This:


I'm not kidding. Folks, while it's my pleasure to write these articles and help you on your way, it has taken me over a year of project time to get them written, edited, and placed on MA Bip. As a result, my trade blanket is now a handkerchief with a floppy disk on it and a little sign that says, "Will Trade Publishing Rights for Stuff." At a lot of events, I'm getting in trouble for displaying the plastic.

Seriously, the advice you're going to get in these articles will wind up saving you money. So take $5 of that money and send it to:

Phil Jose
5 Burdale Ct.
Ferguson, MO 63135

In return, feel free to make a single copy of every article in the Beginners' Corner section. You're getting your money's worth; they'll skin out into small book-length.

Now, I'm putting you on your Skinner's Honor to do this. I hope you don't let me down.



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