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Porcupine Quill Press

Missouri Iowa Nebraska Kansas

No, it's not skinning bucks............ Developed and maintained by JP Finn


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Porcupine Quill Press is a new publication being put out in Nebraska.

I have been looking over a few copies of the "Porcupine Quill Press".
I recieved three issues, covering May through October, 1999. If you haven't had the pleasure of checking it out, I'll give you an idea of what to expect:


Porcupine Quill Press
Semi-Monthly; 6 issues per year
Lois Gustafson (Falls-a-Lot), Publisher
e-mail Lois Kopke
P.O. Box 524
Orleans, NE 68866
(308) 473-5700 or (308) 473-2008

$7.50 - 1 Year

Color Copies, 8-1/2 x 11 inch booklet, 12 - 16 pages


Regular Columns

Words of Wisdom
This is a small column of pithy sayings that you would expect to find in the Old Farmers Almanac or Poor Richards Almanac. Whither new or old, they have much truth in them.


Greenhorn Corner
A half a page or so on a simple skill. The issues I reviewed have articles on legging styles, making rawhide and general clothing types of various eras.
As expected from the Title, these are directed at the beginner, but have enough substance that a brief, general knowledge can be gained.

Healing Herbs
This is a one page column written by Prairie Flower of Prairie Herbal, located in Orleans, Ne. Of all the columns, this one seems to have changed the most as the PQP settled on a format.
The first column was on remedies on warts, offering nine methods. The next two columns contain three parts, a section titled Indian Medicine containing a bit of history or use by (I'm guessing) Plains Tribes.
A featured plant is the next section, giving the common name, latin name, an Indian name, and a brief history of its use as a medicine and use.
The third and largest section is much like the first column; a technique, use or substance used in herbal medicines. These included a description and use of earcandles and the many uses and effects of garlic.

One of the things I found different was the warnings and side effects that were mentioned. Far too many people believe if it's natural, it can't hurt you. I believe if it can heal, it can also hurt, natural or not.


The Mathmatical Shooter
By Bob Spencer

Those of you that have spent any time on the MLML, know Mr. Spencer. If anyone wants to know the whys and whats, he is a good person to start with. Articles included shotgun powder and shot loads with conversion tables, figuring either the diameter or weight of a roundball if you only know one, a mized bag on patch thickness, energy trajectory, rate of spin and bullet stabilization
I found the articles to be clear and easy to understand. He defines his terms well, so if you aren't sure of the "secret cuss words", don't worry.


Classified Ads
I'm guessing that this is a place holder for later. Locating advertizing is usually a problem when a publication just starts. There is a page of ads for local 'skinner suppliers and mailorder companies in the surrounding states. Ads are sprinkled sprinkled throughout the PQP. The classifieds haven't jelled, yet.


Glossary of Words, Terms and Expressions
compliled by Walt Hyward and Brad McDade
Expect 10 or so words or terms defined and explained by the American Mountain Men in each issue.
I find it amazing how many terms have been adopted into the present language that originated at a known point in time. Ours is a constantly evolving tongue, adding and subtracting meanings, or redefining words. The well spoken 'skinner, however, is expected to utter the terms as used in a set point in time.

Captive Hearts....A Story
The story "Captive Hearts" is a serial in progress written by "Little Sunrise"
This seems to be a historical romance novel about a captive white woman in a cheyenne camp. I didn't count words, but it runs about a page and a half in each issue.
I'm partial to serials in magazines. It must be an age thing.... Almost every magazine had a series back in the olden days. It really makes you look forward to the next installment.


Not listed in the table of contents, but a staple of the PQP, is a double page color collage of Rendezvous photos. There is a heading telling what event the pictures are from, and they are really packed in. The photos range from candid snapshots to posed groupings, including shoots, camp life, events and just whatever caught the photographers eye.

The required list of Rendezvous and Upcoming Events is about a page long, and have notices from all over the west, even though the majority of listings are for events in Nebraska, Iowa and Kansas.

The feature article is found on the front page. The three issues that I have include color pictures with the article.
They included an introduction to the Quillers' Society, a thumbnail biography and a memorial to a buckskinner that had "gone under".

Hidden within the covers are articles on foods or cooking, complete with preparation and recipies, how-to articles, poetry by no other than Phil Jose, amoung others and multiple filler pieces, including Bible passages, words of Wit and Wisdom, and the like.


So, there you have it. The Porcupine Quill Press is an up and coming publication just starting out. I give it two thumbs up.

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