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October 22, 1997

Well, I'd like to report that Fall Rendezvous was a success for our club. Thanks to all who donated prizes, worked on the range, sold tickets, and participated in the shoot. As far as weather, we were lucky to not have rain. We had sunshine and usually a stiff breeze from the south. It made the charcoal targets' dance a good part of the time, which added to the challenge, as if anyone needed that.
Our rifle match had about 48 entries and first place was won by Donny Taylor. Also, the blanket was won by Jerry Arbogast, who bought the winning ticket from George Taylor. George says they are really pleased with their prize.
Also, as a reminder, we will have "work days at the range" the week-end before the next shoot (Oct. 25th & 26th). The November shoot will be run by Richard Dale. Show up for some fun shooting. Monthly shoots are always the first Sunday of the month and start at 12:00 noon.
The December shoot will be run by George Taylor. This is our traditional pot luck dinner at the cabin before the shoot.. bring your eating utensils and a food item and enjoy. The food and company are always good at this shoot. As a reminder, George wants this shoot to be pre-1840 period dress. It should be a fun way to spend Sunday afternoon.
One last bit of information to pass along is that Janet Smith shot a 50 on the 25 yard line at Friendship this fall. Way to go Janet.
See you Nov. 2nd.


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