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Mid America Buckskinners Info Page


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No, it's not skinning bucks............ Developed and maintained by JP Finn

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Frequently Asked Questions

What started the page?
I started this page because when I was transferred here I was unable to find a local group or doin's. After a few months, I decided that there was a need for a central point that listed events and contacts by regions.
A few gun shops and the local Tandy Leather store puts up fliers, when they get them. The Black Powder Journal, Smoke and Fire News and Muzzle Blasts have listings of events. It seemed that they listed either the large national events or ones to far away to attend. I was looking for local clubs and events, in any case.
Every time someone would mention hunting, muzzleloading, trapping or museums, I would ask about 'skinner groups. (And now you know where the "No, it's not skinning bucks...." comes from) As it turned out, I ran into my first lead at a lake in Kansas. I had made a run over to see a demonstration by a bow club of bare bow shooting (that I was unable to find). I did see a couple teepees across the lake. Over I zipped, only to find a weekend encampment at the park headquarters building. The camp had something to do with the County Historical Days Celebration. I found a person that had a friend that knew of a group located in St. Joe. That group had a person that had heard of a name of a trader that had attended the Market Days at Fort Osage. Out to Fort Osage, went I. There, I found the Fort is a County run Park and exhibit. They had some names, but no phone numbers or addresses.
By now I had a better idea of the locations of the surrounding towns. Muzzle Blasts included the listings of all the Charter Clubs in that months issue. None were listed in the area that I am in, but I called every one that was in 100 miles, asking for information on a local group. As it turned out, there was one that was listed that has a range only 20 miles from me. Off to a shoot, dues were paid and the big search was over.

Why Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas?
I figured that I would start with the four States that I would be willing to drive to. It sure would have made finding the 'skinners easier had it been up when I moved here.
It would be nice if several other people would pick the area that they are in, and duplicate the concept for their area. Just think of the idea of locating the doin's in all the States and/or Countries with geographical based pages. Going to visit the in-laws in some far away place against your will? Check the listings, pack Old Betsy and attend a shoot ...... Go to a Trade Fair.....
In fact, a schedule for the year for every Club in the four States is my goal, along with a link to Club or 'skinner web pages. I just don't work at it very hard. It would be a grand page, though.

Why didn't you list the Doin's of my Club?
I only list the events that I am asked to list. Or, put another way, I list what I am told about.
There are several good listings of events, some national, some local-regional. Smoke and Fire News, Black Powder Journal and Muzzle Blasts all have listings that cover the Nation. For a good Mid-West listing try The RendezNous Newsletter; Gemini Sales, 1427 Summit View Drive, Holts Summit, Mo 65043; $12 a year. Another publication is The Powderhorn News; PO box 428, Aurelia Iowa 51005-0428
I thought about just copying the listings, but decided against it. My reasoning is that they are hard at work trying to make a living supplying information and entertainment. To copy what they have spent time and money to develop would be wrong (IMO). Even though my personna is a ner-do-well, I will have to it the hard way. Until I am offered the free use of the information (by the owner/publisher), I will continue with the method I now have.
Late breaking news: I have been given permission to copy the listings from the RendezNous Newsletter. Things should be looking up.
This does not mean that there is not a use or need in getting your own subscription! There is much more in the RendezNous than I copy here. You'll have to get a copy to really be able to tell the difference.

Want your event listed? Send a message and it will be posted.

Do you make any money out of your page?
The MA Bip is not a commercial page. There is no charge for a listing, posting or comment. I am not affiliated with any commercial ventures. Sorry, I make no money out of the MA Bip. However, if anyone would like to send free goods or cash, send an e-mail and we can "do lunch".

So what do you get out of it?
An occasional e-mail. Location of a new link. News of a doing in my neighborhood. As a shy and retiring type, I meet people from all over the place that I never would otherwise.

Why aren't there any pictures?
I like pictures. I have none for two reasons. I just don't like waiting for the page to load so I can see them. I have thought of putting up a gallery. The pages would still load as fast, and those that wanted to see a picture would have that option. To do that, I would need a scanner, which I don't have. For those that want to know what I look like, I am the short, fat, bearded one, usually in need of a haircut, wearing the upper lower class, late colonial era clothes, with a leaning toward bright wool half leggings. If you see this person clutching an untouched target after a match, you will know for sure it is me.

Why do you mention your Mother so much?
My "poor old grayhaired Mother" and my Grandson, Christopher, are my normal Rendezvous camping partners. Because this is about Rendezvous, and to show by example that this hobby is a multi-generational doin'.


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